Face Mask Buying Guide

There is no limitation which mask you can use or you can't use. they are made in different quality fo fit your budget and usage purpose. All face masks we sell (expect the fabric face mask requires extra padding) contains Melt Blown Anti-Bacterial Filter.

All face masks we source here are high quality branded face masks from CE qualified & certified & registered medical device manufacturer.

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Disposable Generic Face Mask : Provides 95% Filtration Protection, 
Recommended For Public to use in Office, Home, Public area like Train Station, Bus Stop, School, Supermarket.

Disposable Medical Face Mask : Provides 99% Filtration Protection
Recommended For Public to use in Very Crowded area, or in Clinic, Hospital, Nurse in clinic reception, nursing home.

Disposable TGA Approved Level 1 Face Mask Level 2 Face Mask / Level 3 Face Mask / Level 3 Sterile Surgical Mask
Level 1 ,Level 2 & Level 3 TGA approved mask is classified as medical supply device.

Level 1 provide minimum 95% Filtration Protection and Level 2 & 3 provides minimum 99% Filtration Protection.

It's designed for doctor and nurse to use in medical environment where you work very closer to sicked patient or offer treatments to sicked patient.

It's also designed for doctor who offers medical service where you might have blood/fluid splash in the environment. 

Sterile Surgical Mask to be used in place where all medical device required to be sterile.

KN95 face mask & N95 respirator provides better fitting shape to face, and it creates better sealing space on the face, it provides filtration performance greater than 95%.

Fabric Face Mask:Reusable washable face mask: It's designed to reduce Saliva roplets in the air in office or at home while you talk to other people, and it will keep you warm in cold winter. Extra Melt Blown Anti-Bacterial Filter pad is required if better protection is required.

Is TGA certifiaction required for all face masks?  The answer is no. TGA certification is required when the face mask is used as medical device in medical treatment environment.

If the face mask is used for general protective purpose for public (even it's in hospital), you don't need a TGA certified face mask. Non-TGA certified face mask doesn't mean the face mask is second-class quality.

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